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G2 is currently providing MEP engineering services for Sundial Growers flagship facility located in Olds, Alberta Canada. This new facility will consist of 140 individually controlled cultivation rooms. When completed it will be the worlds largest cannabis cultivation facility capable of producing small batch, high quality cannabis.

G2 is design a new two (2) mega-watt combined heat and power central utility plant to serve the POD-4 expansion to the facility. Waste heat from the gas-fired turbines will be utilized to drive two absorption chillers. Waste heat will also be shunted into the hydronic heating water loop via a cascading loop for dehumidification re-heat control during the summer and ventilation/space heating during the winter.

G2 is also designing a mechanical improvement project for the existing campus. The existing mechanical systems are currently not providing sufficient cooling or dehumidification for the cultivation rooms. It is likely the CHP plant will be expanded to serve the entire

      Olds, Alberta, Canada
      500,000 sqft
      Jack Keen
      Vice President, Construction
      (250) 713-2911
      Cogeneration Central Plant
      Two (2) 1 MW Gas-Fired Turbines
      Two (2) 300 Ton Absorption Chillers
      Two (2) 675 Ton Cooling Towers
      Four (4) Standard 300 Ton Chillers
      Four (4) 300 Ton Dry-Fluid Coolers
      Six (6) 6,000 MBH Boilers
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